What to do in Austin, Texas

Everyone loves Austin. It’s a fun city with a youthful vibe. Austin is known for being the “live music capital of the world.” It has several world-renowned festivals and events. Plus, it is the home to one of the most prestigious public universities in the country.

Maybe you know all of this already. Perhaps you are looking for specific things to do when you are visiting the capital of Texas. Here are some ideas.

Visit the Bats at Congress Avenue Bridge

Every city has museums, parks, and historical landmarks to visit. Why not do something different in Austin? Call the bat hotline at (512) 327-9721. You will hear a recording of what time the bats have been emerging from under the Congress Avenue Bridge. Go to the bridge at least a half-hour ahead of time, and wait to watch the bats as they swarm off for a night of hunting and carousing.

This is a unique feature of Austin that every visitor should see at least once.

Visit the Texas State Capitol

This beautiful building is the largest state capitol in square footage than any other capitol buildings in the nation. It was built in 1888 using local granite and limestone.

There are many monuments scattered throughout the state capitol grounds, including the Texas African American History Memorial and another that commemorates the death of those who died at the Alamo.

Stroll along the banks of Lady Bird Lake

Austin is a very outdoorsy community. Just make sure you schedule your outdoor recreation during a cooler time of day if you are visiting in the height of the summer. Visitors love going for strolls along the banks of Lady Bird Lake. Although, technically, the lake is a “river-like reservoir,” it is still a beautiful body of water that provides a lot of recreation activities. Go kayaking, rock climbing, or go for a stroll. You’ll see lots of others enjoying this popular outdoor area when you visit.

Go on the Austin Mural Tour.

Although many think of Austin as a city brimming with musicians, Austin also has a vibrant art scene as well. While you can visit art galleries to see and purchase work from local artists, you can also appreciate their work by visiting the murals scattered throughout the city. Let Tour Austin take you on a mural-hopping tour. And yes, you will be encouraged to get out of the bus to take a selfie with each one of them.

The Moody Theater

Austin City Limits fans need no introduction to the Moody Theater. ACL Live at the Moody Theater has been in production since 2011, and everyone loves this intimate venue that features incredible sound. See what’s playing when you are visiting and purchase your tickets quickly. Make sure you arrive early enough to take your picture with the Willie Nelson statue.

You won’t be bored during your visit to Austin. There’s lots of great boutique shopping, amazing restaurants and food trucks, and museums celebrating the history of Texas within the city limits.

This article was originally posted at Tour Austin.