River Tubing Tour

We are only providing private tubing tours in 2020

Tour Information:

Our River Tubing tours pick up at your location in Austin and tube on the San Marcos River! Our for over three hours of beautiful and relaxing tubing!

Tour Austin provides all the tubing essentials: tube rental, coolers and ice, and first class
transportation! Bring your friends, swimsuit and favorite drinks and let us take you on a Texas tubing adventure!

Tour Itinerary:

●    Pick-Up: At Your Location

●    Drive to San Marcos, TX, 32 miles south of Austin.

●    Tube down the river for 3-3 ½ hours, depending on river flow.

●     Drive back to Austin

●    Drop Off: At your location

●    Entire tour lasts approximately 6 hours, including check in/load time, driving to San Marcos,
tubing, and driving back to Austin. Additional hours are available for $99 per hour.


Tour Austin provides all the essentials for river tubing: transportation, tube rental, coolers and ice, storage for valuables while tubing, and tour guides to facilitate your entire tubing adventure

River tubing guests must provide their own personal tubing items, e.g. proper swimwear, sandals, towels, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses, change of clothes, etc. We highly recommend water shoes, sandals, or footwear you don’t mind getting wet. We also strongly recommend storing all valuables (cell phone, wallet, keys, jewelry, anything you would regret losing in a river) on the bus, or leaving them at home. It is
very easy to lose valuables in the river.

All of our tours are BYOB. Glass and Styrofoam are strictly forbidden on the river and on our vehicles. We repeat, GLASS AND STYROFOAM ARE NOT ALLOWED on the river or on our vehicles. We strongly suggest you bring water and snacks for the river and the drive home. You do not need to bring your own cooler.

We tube on the San Marcos River, which is a natural environment. River tubing has inherent risks associated with it, so all river tubing tour guests will be required.

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