Tour Austin Introduces the East Side Brewery Tour

 The East Side Brewery 

Tour Austin is pleased to announce a new tour option perfect for locals and out-of-towners alike. Visit our website to book the Tour Austin East Side Brewery Tour.

To host a successful brewery tour, you need four things.

First, you need a fun-loving, informed host who knows a lot about all things, “beer.” Beer drinking has changed in the last decade, and our guides know a ton about the industry. Our tour leaders will describe the highly-nuanced flavors of the different varieties you will try. They will also teach you about the beer-making process. Even though you may finish the tour and forget everything you learned, you will have a smile on your face by the end of the afternoon.

The second thing you need for a successful brewery tour is a person to keep you on schedule. We know how it goes. There are always a few in every group who are happy to plop on the first barstool they see and stay for the evening. Our tour guides are experts at persuading these lolly-gaggers to get back in the van to go to the next stop. We will go to three different local Austin breweries on our tour, and our guides will be sure to keep you on schedule.

The most important person on any good brewery tour is the sober driver. You really can’t do a brewery tour without one. Our drivers are professionals, and they will transport you around the east side of Austin in luxurious, clean vehicles. They will even keep your purchases safe when you are at the next tour stop. (Trust us. You will be making purchases.)

Finally, the last thing you need for a successful brewery tour is a group of up to 13 fun, beer-loving people who are interested in trying the best beer Austin has to offer. Think you can help provide this requirement?

The Schedule

Our Austin East Side Brewery Tour is scheduled every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. If those times don’t work for you, and you have a group wanting to go, give us a shout. We should be able to work out a time that will suit your needs.

Once you have picked your time, make sure you schedule the tour through our website or by calling 512-593-6331. You must let us know you are coming because tours that don’t sell a minimum number of tickets may be canceled up to 24 hours before the start of the tour.

The Locations

Have your group meet at the Austin Visitor Center at 602 East Fourth Street in downtown Austin.

Our first stop will be Lazarus Brewing. Their story began with a back-yard garden. The founders of Lazarus first started by growing tomatoes and eggplant, and then decided to experiment by planting two rhizomes. Those plants turned into hops, and those hops turned into some of the best beer you will have ever tasted.

The next stop is up to you. You can choose to go to Austin Eastciders. (Get it? Cider? On the East side of town?) The founder of this aptly-named company came from Bristol, England. He brought with him great cider recipes and the desire to share it with beer-loving Texans.

Or you can choose to visit Blue Owl Brewing. Known for their souring-style beers packaged primarily in cans, the small staff of Blue Owl is excited to talk about their craft as you try their Little Boss or Van Dayum!

You’ll love our last stop at Southern Heights Brewing Co. This brewery makes small-batch IPAs and low-ABV pub ales that you need to try. Know that you will be leaving this location with at least a growler or two.

The Details

Tour Austin’s events are BYOB. If you need to drink a few in between brewery stops, go right ahead. We won’t judge.

You are also free to bring your own snacks for the journey, or you could also have lunch at one of the stops. Food is not part of the tour, though, so you will be on your own for that.

Finally, we know that illness or emergencies sometimes get in the way of brewery tours. If you need to cancel your tour, email us at least 48-hours before your tour time. We will be happy to give you a refund.

If you are unable to give us less than a 48-hour notice, you can receive a credit toward a future tour.

If you love beer, we know you will love our Austin East Side Brewery Tour. Let us know if you have any questions. If not, we will see you at the Austin Visitor Center on the day of your tour.

This article was originally posted at Tour Austin.

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