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Tour Austin’s San Antonio Trip

You will have no problem finding things to do on your trip to Austin. Heck, you could spend years in Austin and still be discovering a new hole-in-the-wall café that is amazing or a unique boutique that you had never explored. But we get it. Some of the visitors to our weird city have never been to Texas, and they may want to branch out to see what life is like for our neighbors down the road. Even though Austin is the best city in Texas, we at Tour Austin would be happy to take you on a day trip to San Antonio. See what that city to our southwest of us has to offer.

It’s about 80 miles from Austin to San Antonio. For those of you living in more congested areas, the idea of traveling 80 miles may seem daunting, but we don’t dawdle along in Texas. Our safe drivers will spirit you down the highway in our luxury vehicles, and we will get you to San Antonio in a little over an hour. Sink into our comfortable, leather seats and enjoy your music while we expertly maneuver through the traffic.

Once we arrive in San Antonio, there are a couple of must-dos on your list.

The Alamo

You may know nothing about history, much less the history of Texas. You may not typically enjoy museums and flip quickly over the History Channel while channel surfing, but you should go to the Alamo.

The Alamo is located in the heart of downtown San Antonio. We will drop you off out front where you can buy tickets for the narrated, guided tour. The guides are natural-born storytellers, and they will soon take you back in time to tell you the story of the Alamo: one of bravery and sacrifice. You will stroll through the remains of the mission and feel what it would have been like to know that thousands of Mexican forces under Santa Anna were on their way to destroy the less than two hundred rebels, who were fighting for Texas independence from Mexico.  

The River Walk

No other American city has utilized their river quite like San Antonio. The River Walk is more than a stroll by the side of a river. The River Walk is lined with shops, restaurants, public art, local artisans, and bars. Go ahead and enjoy several margaritas as you hop from one bar to another on the River Walk. Your only worry would be taking an unexpected dip in the river. We will get you back to Austin safely.

We at Tour Austin can transport you almost anywhere, but we can’t take you on a river cruise down the San Antonio River. Book a ride on a river cruise to get another, unique view of the city. The river cruise is especially magical during the holiday season. Yes, we get to cruise down rivers in December in Texas. What do you mean that you northerners have to deal with snow?

Japanese Tea Gardens

Are you looking for another unique spot to walk and take photos? Let us drop you off at the Japanese Tea Garden. Far from the hubbub of the River Walk and Alamo, this quiet area is a sweet spot to take a romantic stroll. Bring a lunch and sit in tranquility as you enjoy the shade of the stone pagodas. Listen to the relaxing trickle of the waterfalls as you look at the fish in the koi pond. The tea garden is a little oasis and one that you may not expect in a Texas metropolitan area.

The beauty of booking travel through Tour Austin is that we can customize your day trip. You tell us what kind of things you like to do, and we will recommend places for you to go. After going to the Alamo, are you excited to see more missions and learn about Texas history? We will take you to the San Antonio Missions National Historic Park.

Are you a nature lover and want to see more of the geography of southern Texas? We will take you to the Natural Bridge Caverns, one of the U.S.’s Natural Landmarks.

Do you just want to shop and drink? We will be happy to drive you all over the city to the cutest boutiques or the cheapest outlets, and we can also drop other members of your traveling crew to the cutest bars and cheapest dives.

Get a free quote from us for your day trip to San Antonio. Filling out that six-lined form is the most work you’ll have to do to have an unforgettable experience.

Please contact us at 512-593-6331 and let’s set up a customized tour for you.  Be sure to also, ask us about our daily tours.



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