Best Restaurants in Austin

We could write a book about the best places to eat in Austin, Texas. Between the BBQ joints, food trucks, and taco places, diners have so much from which to choose. Here are the most highly-rated restaurants in Austin. You may be surprised about which places made the top of our list.

Kurry Takos

Most people love fusion restaurants, and Kurry Takos fuses two of the most popular cuisines to create food magic. The owner of this restaurant describes it as Indian food, Mexican style.

From this blending, we get the Chicken 65 Taco, Chennai Express, American Punjabi, and the Hungry Texan. Diners can get either receive their food like tacos or bowls, but most would say that missing out on the “shell” would be a real pity.

Find Kurry Takos at the food truck park, located at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Pleasant Valley. See what all the reviewers are raving about for yourself. Just don’t go on Monday or Tuesday. Kurry Takos is closed those days.

Jewboy Burgers

Yes, we know the name is somewhat shocking, but the owner/chef of Jewboy Burgers obviously knows what he is doing. He has created quite a following. Many call his burger the best you can find in all of Austin.

How does Mo, the owner, create the perfect burger? Apparently, his ⅓ pound burgers come perfectly cooked. They are served on a soft, fluffy bun. Instead of fries, the burgers are served with latkes, which come in a variety of styles.

One would think that those who keep kosher would be safe eating at a place called Jewboy Burger. This is not so.

Nancy’s Sky Garden

Looking for the perfect poke bowl in Austin? Try Nancy’s Sky Garden.

This restaurant is a gluten-free facility and perfect for those with food sensitivities. Since you can pick any protein, vegetables, or sauces that you would like in your dish, you can create a combination of foods that is perfect for you.

Reviewers gave a particular shout out for the purple rice and sweet potato noodles. They also like the wide variety of sauces, including the almond/ginger sauce and the poke ponzu sauce. Check out the full range of kombucha flavors as well.

SP Brazilian Steakhouse

Even a vegetarian gave the SP Brazilian Steakhouse a top-notch review. What are they doing right to earn such honors?

Apparently, they offer incredible service and flavor their meats with just the right seasonings. Diners also love the fried plantains and the Brazilian cheese bread.

SP Brazillian Steakhouse is a carnivore’s dream. And apparently, even vegetarians like it too.

Granny’s Tacos

Have you noticed how much the people of Austin have embraced the food truck scene? Here’s another example. Granny’s Tacos serves some of the most highly-rated tacos in Austin.

When looking through the reviews, it’s hard to form an opinion on what you should order at Granny’s. It seems as if each reviewing recommends a different item from the menu. Perhaps this means that you can’t go wrong with ordering any item.

Granny’s serves breakfast tacos, traditional tacos, vegetarian tacos, and bowls. The salsa is spicy, and the prices are cheap. Don’t go to Granny’s if you are in a hurry, however. The service is rather slow.

Are you ready to eat? Here are the top-rated places in Austin. And we didn’t even get to Franklin’s BBQ . . .

This article was originally posted at Tour Austin.